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●The World's Largest Cabinetry Manufacturer
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OPPEIN Abuja is a subsidiary of OPPEIN HOME, a Chinese-founded cabinet maker that manufactures and sells home furnishings. We offer customized wholesale kitchen cabinetry, wardrobes, interior doors, windows, home furniture, and whole house customization service.

The company launched its first collection of integrated kitchens in 1995, which had a profound effect on the development of Chinese kitchen design. In the same year, the company established commercial partnerships with local real estate companies to market residential houses with complete kitchens. On March 28, 2017, OPPEIN was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), and on the first day of trading, the stock of OPPEIN rose by 44.01% by the daily limit, with a market capitalization of 29.9 billion CNY.

In 2021, OPPEIN won the Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands with a market value of 49.351 billion CNY, becoming the No.1 brand in China's kitchen cabinets industry. The company operates more than 7,461 showrooms and chain stores worldwide, providing products and services to over 118 countries, and its products have been awarded 137 national invention prizes and patents.


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